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A GOOD Approach to life and litmus test for ITS outlooks and conclusions. Click to go to sections
1. Complaints 2. Questions 3. Doubts 4. Must 5. Abundance
6. Think 7. Truths 8. Purpose 9. Soul 10. Value system
11. Minimize 12. Love 13. Death 14. Consideration 15. Pain
16. Choose Simplicity 17. Vigilance 18. Realize G-d 19. Humor 20. Jealousy
21. Tolerance 22. Control      


Complain To Top
1. Don't complain. The Gordian Knot is not so difficult that one cannot solve one's 
own problem.

Questions To Top
2. Don't ask questions of or about others. Each person can and must answer 
one's own questions.

Doubts To Top
3. Don't have doubts. Histalek min hasofek.
Use a minimum amount of words (5 - 10) to express oneself.

Must To Top
4. Train yourself to use and have only what you absolutely must. Become a 

Abundance To Top
5. Shun abundance. It's also known as greed and selfishness. The poor have a 
better chance of this benefit. See even Psalm 23 -  ...I shall not want... See Solomon's Ecclesiastic  wisdom, "all is for naught (vanities of vanity [hevel havolim] )".

Think To Top
6. Think more than you do or say.

Truths To Top
7. Speak only truths, i.e. don't depend on beliefs. Don't be phony, false and fake.

Purpose To Top
8. Always decide on the purpose or goal of any action that you take. You will find 
therefore that avoiding is what you will end up doing. When you avoid, you will end 
up with musts, what you absolutely must do. This method will free you of life's 
confusion and you will be sure of everything in your life.

Soul To Top
9. Find the soul within you. This is done by divesting of materialism. One cannot 
find the spirit within due to distractions of the "good life". This advice makes you 
worry free and make life everlasting. Physical and psychological illness's will be 
mineralized. The consciousness never dies. the mind is eternal.

value system To Top
10. A value system of character, integrity and decency gives you true satisfaction. 
You avoid guilt, crime and self trouble.

Minimize To Top
11. Try to minimize the amount of people you want to associate with. You'll never 
get to meet of befriend the entire world.

 Love To Top
12. Train yourself to like / love yourself. The more you flock to others the more you 
are unsatisfied with yourself. Be your own best friend because only you know 
yourself best. No one knows you as well as you.

Death To Top
13. Don't be afraid of death. It's the ultimate mystery of life. Since you don't know 
what it entails why assume that it's bad. A least for yourself, i.e. others may be hurt 
with your death but why you. It is inevitable so why fret.
Immortality (living forever) has its problems.
If life is a banquet, death is the desert.
Life is the road that death takes as soon we are born.
Life is good, death is better.
Life is the punishment, death is its reward.
 The reason we cannot find total satisfaction in life is because we do not have access to death and therefore cannot be certain of its consequences. It could all be for naught. We are born for God's sake, for better or for worse.  (W G, '.)

Consideration To Top
14. Consideration of others is tantamount to thinking of oneself, ex: when someone says or does an  unpleasantness, think rather than taking it personal that the other had good reason to be that way. Think of it from the others' shoes.

Pain To Top
15. Pain and suffering was invented by G-d. It can reap great benefits. Humans 
were designed to tolerate and overcome them.

Choose To Top
16. Choose a clean life versus a cluttered one. Live simple and it will help the economy. 
Problems like unemployment and jealousy will disappear.

Vigilant To Top
17. Be vigilant about showing off. It's also known as haughtiness. Also known as talent.

 Realize  To Top
18. Realize that while it is disputed as to whom the earth belongs to, one fact is absolute, it wasn't created by man. The correct attitude is a humble one. We don't know the true price of existence and life. Sure, we must live but not as if it's purely ours.  We're only humans who use, consume and produce. It is G-d who creates.

Humor To Top
19. Develop a sense of humor about existence and awareness. It is good for the morale, unlike the crazy extremists in the name of righteousness with malicious and dangerous intent.

Jealousy To Top
20. Beware of jealousy It is the root of much evil. Although it spurs progress it could nevertheless lead to harm. 

Tolerance  To Top
21. Build and foster tolerance. Although too much of it leads to complacency and indifference a healthy balance should be studied and developed.

Control  To Top
22. Governments and leaders should  harness the providing for its citizens rather than a controlling mode.


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