Tuesday, February 12, 2013 03:07:38 AM


The following is a treatise / theory on the philosophical right to pro-life / pro-choice argument, hard as it may seem: 
The fundamental problem facing humanity is thee notion that we / they have rights to live on earth. The truth is that we / they have not in spite of the fact that, yes, we have been living here for millennium, yes, our parents did and yes, the bible tells us to.
The only way we / they can truly live on the globe / universe is if we create it. Otherwise we're trespassing.
So, the intrinsic rights are only in the imagination.
We're only to achieve rightful status as created beings if we resort to birth control - by law or voluntary, euthanasia, sterilization and / or suezide.
Only the L-ord has the right and ability to exist, own and ghive!

It is highly likely that the only ones that had a right to life, and maybe not really a right since it was foisted on them - Adam & Eve. After that event humans got into the action of reproducing, maybe even through eating the from the Tree of Life, a sin from the beginning!

It may even be that the L-ord even wants people on earth for his own purposes! In that case the right to life may indeed be justified! 

The argument for the theory of the non-existence of mankind is compelling. Largely because this world we live in is destined to end; humans just can't get along! Our tolerance for evil is incredible and inevitable! It may be the ultimate test of humanity to realize this idea! To postulate that we really have life when we don't arrive through our own volition is patently feeble! To realize the notion that "let us make man" and "be fruitful and multiply" as a fundamental goodness is missing the point of free will, freedom and at the ened death with merely a promise that our parents bestowed on us.

It may be that the L-ord wants us in this world for His own purposes, so it's not a right to life that we're obtaining but rather a no choice in the matter!

Even the quest for Transhumanism doesn't alleviate the sufferings of people in the past. It is a selfish and thoughtless idea as well as high mindedness to solve the problem, we will always be pathetic receivers of good and not the owners of anything, not even our own lives. The basic intrinsic problem of pathetic humanity is that we were ingrained with the problem of jealousy and no amount of improvement in our "we're only human" excuse for weakness to this life's vagaries can eradicate that. No matter how much we are given / have, contention will exist.

So lots of luck in inn the gluttony and the ascetics!!  

And remember that only the L-ord has the true  right and ability to exist, own and give!