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(I call it this because it's getting the mind over what matters)

Here's a theory I've developed and trying to utilize on how to control negative emotions. It's got some Hebrew in it. Hope it's legible.

The חב״ד sfiros (chochma, bina and daas) are in our brain and serve as our thinking capacity. The חגתנהי״ם (chesed, gevurah, etc) the 7 lower sfiros are also part if our makeup and become our midos. Our negative feelings are in the midos, hence- midos raos. If we can keep or put an event just in our thoughts we can control those better. This idea can be explained scientifically as well. We have multiple parts to out brain. We feel with our "amygdale", we think with our "pre frontal cortex". Interestingly, the amygdale when exited, instantly sends a message to the cortex to share the same emotion. The opposite way doesn't work though. The cortex, the thinking brain, can't tell the amygdala to calm down, despite its rational desire to do so. That's the "tug of war" we feel when it's logic vs feeling.

The pre frontal cortex is the foremost part of the brain, the amygdale is below it. Therefore it can be said that the pre frontal cortex is the part that contains our חכמה ובינה capacity. The amygdale holds our דעת capacity which serves to connect the mochin-pre frontal cortex to the midos- our feelings. If we can concentrate our views of events in the mochin-pre frontal cortex, and not let them into the amygdale (דעת), we'll be able to control our emotions better. And thereby reaching the high plateau of מעביר על מדותיו. Having said that, we can explain this concept in the words Mavir al Midosov; Meaning מעביר- the event, into the mochin-pre frontal cortex, which is על- above, מדותיו- your amygdale, the brain that controls emotional feelings-midos. Because the chochma and bina brain (cortex) is actually above the daas brain (amygdale).

There's more to it but I wrote it quickly and short.

Besides being an amazing pshat in "Mavir al hamidos", I "think" and "feel" it's also a great and important tool for healthy emotional living. It did, and will continue, iyh to change my life. Maybe u can adapt it to fit into your site. I just did.


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